Other fun screen shots - Pre 3.02 (WotLK) Screenshots

1.3 Million AV BG Total Damage - Obviously this was before patch 2.3

When I was 3 min mage, catching a 2 shot in EotS (6510 trink/ap/pom pyro + 3597 fireblast)

Surviving one 10486 hit from Gruul

Fully buffed in Gruul's, 2110 AM crits

About to wipe in Ramps, then invis ftw

Zuluhed The Whacked - of Netherwing Quest Chain, tanking him with uninterruptible arcane missiles

Prince Malchezaar - After the rest of the raid wipes, I manage to dodge 4 times... then a regular 10k hit

Fun in slave pens: Invis FTW not only once but twice. And the very disproportionate damage meter.

I finally get my Cenarion War Hippogryph[ext] after hitting exalted with Cenarion Expedition: first mount and without the interface.

Some fun on the isle. Precast portal. Frostbolt/Ice Lance Combo with pet, ice block before the guards get you and let your Water Elemental finish them off. Then escape to safety.

Apparently you can get on the roof of the first building on the the isle and gank without fear of the guards. You start at the top floor of the building pictured on the left. Make sure you have your riding crop equiped, cast slow fall, mount up, run and jump off. You may be safe from the guards but not from the GMs! (obviously a Terrain exploit when you're on a roof in the old world... )

It's always funny to sheep the enemy guarding the flag, and then capping the node.
It's even funnier to sheep them, and watch their obviously unbusy team mate do nothing to prevent the capture.

Sometimes, you just can't wait for that heal, like when you're at 363 HP with a mob on you.

In this scene, I ice blocked to temporarily de-agro Pathaleon the Calculator, he starts chasing the last surviving member, then I successfully invis as he and his arcane elementals' arcane missles come flying back at me.

Pandemonius[ext] is an interesting boss as his attacks are all shadow damage and armor provides 0 mitigation so regular tanks die very quickly. However I keep a full shadow resist set and with Mage armor and MotW, I have 380 Shadow Resist.
This is the second time I've tanked it in Heroic Mana Tombs: the early fight, and the finish.

As always, invisibility will often save my life when it turns into a wipe. In this case, my water elemental was able to distract some of them long enough for my esacpe.

Mmmm... Delicious Chocolate Cake[ext] -- I finally got the recipe!

A nice 5.2k frost bolt on Nalorakk[ext] - the Bear Boss in ZA.

Icy Veins + Heroism on a debuffed Mechano-Lord Capacitus[ext] leads to awesome ~1.6s 13k frostbolt crits. Leads to my overall sustained 6.7k DPS for the fight

I never get tired of escaping a wipe with invisibility. And even more entertaining at 400hp.

World PVP is fun, taking out a few Horde even when seriously outnumbered is more so.

A well timed Ice Block saves on durability. In addition, a Coldsnap+Ice Block+Invisibility combo for getting mobs off you/clearing dots and out of combat.